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Is a scary thing.
Is a difficult thing.
Is something we need at certain times of our lives.

Cant be avoided forever.
Cant be dodged indefinitely.
Cant always be a bad thing if we keep on trying for a good outcome.
Also can be exciting.
Also can be alright.
Also Sometimes is for the best if we need something different.
Never stops happening.
Never stops being difficult at first when we are set in our ways.
Never has to be the complete end of a journey, and rarely is the end.

Doesn't always need to be fast.
Doesn't always need to be slow.
Doesn't always have to be at a pace we are uncomfortable with.
Of our selves is a difficult journey.
Of our selves can be done.
Of our lives is worth attempting for the sake of a better tomorrow.

Is what will happen eventually to all of us.
Is what some of us look forward too in certain situations.
Is in the future for those who need more from life when we are in an unpleasant phase.
The Present.
The Future.
The things in our life that we want to see Change in.
An entry from my dA journal that I think deserves to be in my Gallery for more exposure.
I added a comment to the journal entry prior to adding this to my dA gallery, it reads as:

"For anyone that reads it and see's the comments, There is a hidden message I made for myself and those who read it back to themselves.
For those who Find it, I hope it helps.
For those who did not, I hope at least the words help.
For everyone, I hope we all can succeed with good results when we try our best."

I wrote this Journal entry because I've been going through what feels like a lot of changes in my life lately.
I wrote this entry for myself, to try and help keep focused and positive in the face of many negative backlashes I might end up facing during these changes.
I wrote this entry in part while thinking of all the people before me that have faced the same changes, and for those who are facing them right now, and for those who will face them in the future, and for anyone ells who has to face changes that are difficult.

I wish for a good outcome, for all of us.
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August 12, 2014


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